Monday, February 25, 2013

Interior inspiration: furniture from the 1950's and earlier!

Ilmari Tapiovaara

Is one of the greatest interior architects and designers of his era and I would say today too. Tapiovaara created dozens of iconic objects .What I found out also is that he was a great admirer of Alvar Aalto’s work, and he wanted to create products based on the same ideology. Functionalism was the main concern for Tapiovaara, and architecture was the starting point of his design work. Today the contemporary Tapiovaara Family Collection maintains the timeless heritage of a master of Finnish design. 
(Interesting fact, for us,serbian folk : He also worked in an expert capacity in Yugoslavia, participating in the development of a centre for furniture and joinery industry.)

Coen de Vries 
Is a Dutch designer, I just found out about, who designed in the 1950's. He set up a shop named "The Key" -  He targeted to make good, practical, modern and aesthetically pleasing furniture at an affordable cost. I admire his minimalistic touch with a splash of color. His furniture I would say, without a moment of hesitation, is timeless.

Helmut Magg
Is a German furniture designer.  He was considered one of the leaders in Europe as a designer of useful furniture for the home in the 1960s. His best known piece is the desk from the above pictures, which started the trend of veneer maple wood covered with a plastic surface. It was one of the first items of furniture that combines the use of plastic and wood in wide scale production. He mainly worked in Holland. And for me, he represents the essence of post II world war design.

Jens Risom
Is a designer from  Copenhagen in 1916. He worked along side with Hans Wegner. In 1939, Risom emigrated from Denmark to the USA, where in 1941 he designed the first range of furniture manufactured by Hans Knoll. He established Jens Risom Design Inc in 1946 which grew to become the third largest furniture company in America. His design is contemporary, timeless.


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  3. Indeed, these are very original furniture. Most like the armchair on the last photo, it is very modern. Besides, it looks comfortable. :)