Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday: Illustration inspiration

Oh, how I love Stephane's work, it's so dreamy and beautiful. Stephane Tartelin is illustrator from Paris, but he currently lives in Montreal. His work remind me of Schiele's drawings, but Stephane definitely has his own strong expression. I specially love how he draws animals.

Julia Pott is Brooklyn based illustrator. I follow her work for some time now and I'm always exited to see what's next. I specially enjoy her dressed bears and how she combine colors. She also does beautiful videos.

Becha or Vesna Pesic is Serbian illustrator known for amazing collage art. I just love the atmosphere she made combining different elements. One of my favorite is her work for Faar Magazine for Ana Ljubinkovic fashion editorial

Bambino Monkey is illustrator from Madrid. He creates funny, lovable characters and they often reminds me of Cartoon Network type of illustrations, which I like very much. I mean, who can resist to those pandas :)

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