Friday, August 2, 2013

RTMONE Manolis Iliopoulos - Interview

Hello dear readers :) Sorry for this break at posting, but you know how it is, summer, vacations, travels and stuff. We still have a lot of travels in front of us, so there will be one more break, but in the meantime, we present you another artist. It's a Manolis Iliopoulos aka RTMONE, great street art artist from Greece with quite imagination, excellent characters.. Here's the interview. Enjoy, and enjoy summer. See you again in a couple of days. Cheers! 

Have you always wanted to become a arch/artist?
I never had a vision about an occupation or something. I am 29 years old and I still don't know what I want to become, or what I am exactly. By the way I still don't understand the definition of artist. 

Which project has given you the most satisfaction?
Every project I have participated in has given me a unique satisfaction. But "Color Your Life" was the ultimate experience. A big graffiti contest, with global participators  music events, workshops,in  interaction with some of my teachers in Pelion mountain.  I still listen to conversations about this and it makes me happy. The only sad thing was that I didn't have enough time to paint. 
What types of books are on your bedside table?
Last weeks I was reading some Greek comics from giganto books. I usually don't read books when I'm on the bed, because I sleep before the second line! But last year I managed to read a couple of novels. That's an achievement for me. I prefer writing my thoughts on a sketchbook. For some reason when I close my mind on the bed is the only moment of the day that I can think clearly think. So it's a shame to lose these thoughts.
What is the best moment of the day?
This moment you are tired looking your finished project, with a huge smile on your face.
What would be your dream project?
I don't have a dream project, but hmmmm probably I would like to do an organised painting tour all over the world. Something like one month in every place and doing a variety of projects, like street murals, murals in hospitals, illustrations for any purpose, workshops etc. I'm really open to any cool idea. Is anyone interested in managing me ? 
What type of music do you play while creating?
I have a strange obsession with Greek hip hop. But in my playlists you can find from Henry Mancini or Nina Simone to Caribou and Scratch Perverts. Also I'm a big fan of Larry Gus, the most inspiring artist I've ever met.
What do you love the most in your work, both in architecture and in street art. Do you combine these two? 
I have studied architecture, but practically I work as a freelance illustrator( and a muralist, mostly in Imaginary Rooms project( Last years I am a little bit detached from street art.  It's weird, but moving out to such an overpainted city like Athens, from small provincial towns, I was intruded .In my work I love that almost everything I do is character based. Hopefully my natural skills pay my bills and I didn't have to work as a traditional architect, having troubles with bureaucracy and getting dizzied with auto-cad  I also love that right now I have all the markers, inks, pens, spraypaint and equipment I always wanted to.
Who is your hero at the moment?
Like someone recently said in a gig, right now in Greece none needs a hero. We are our own heroes and we have to survive everyday.
Cat or dog?
If you were a character from a cartoon, which one would you be? :)
I would not be animated, but a 2D random comic character from Robert Nixon or Peter Gray's "Chalky Boy".

 If you could do any other job what would you choose and why?
Lately I did my first street art sightseeing tour. I liked it too much, because I love the background stories about graffiti and I'm studding this culture, as a part of it, as a folklore diamond. Yes I would like to do this job. So everyone who visits Athens can hire me for a walk! A new career starts!
Where could we find you on Friday night?
Eating ice cream in Dionysiou Aeropagitou pedestrian or drinking wine in some exhibition opening. I would prefer to be in an island, sleeping after 11 hours on the beach!
Pepsi or Coke?
Lemonade for sure! But I prefer coke instead of Pepsi.
Favorite blogs/sites etc.?
Cyber chaos leads me everyday in thousands of very inspiring and cool sites. I regularly check 

How would you define your personal work-life balance in terms of ratio (50/50 70/30 etc)
Like every freelancer I still work when I go to sleep. After some pressure I take small off, so I think 60-40 represents me.
What brings you joy? 
My family, my people and wandering around checking new street art stuff.

Thank you Manolis for your time and great interview, we wish you all the best in your future projects. For more info about RTMONE please visit his web site here

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