Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello Ghost !

Prosle nedelje smo uradile jos jednog duha, ali ovog puta na manje vidnom mestu. Cetvrti duh se nalazi na trafou kod Mikser House-a a najbolja vidljivost je iz unutrasnjosti Miksera. Nas duh se ovde odmara, uziva u blagodetima Savamale, njenim lepim bastama i prijatnoj muzici. On uspeva da se bar malo izoluje od buke kamiona koji tutnje ovim krajem.

Last week we did another Ghost, but this time, it's on in a less visible place then the other ones. It has found its place on an electrical transformer near the Mixer House and it's best seen from the inside of the venue. Our ghost is relaxed, it enjoys the best of Savamala, the beautiful cafe gardens and pleasant music. The Ghost has managed to isolate itself from the traffic noise.

Evo malo i prethodnih duhova:

Here's also a bit of the previous Ghost People:

This is the sneak peak of the neighborhood where everything is happening. The first building is part of a Goethe Institute, also a cultural center. The second one is KC Grad, also a cultural center, then there is Remake Festival space and Krug,a night bar. 

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