Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday: Illustration inspiration

Hannah Warren is London based illustrator. She creates lovely illustrations with beautiful intensive colors, simple shapes and composition but fulfilled with excellent atmosphere. I feel very happy and cozy looking at them. Some of them looks like linocut.  

David has charmed me with his excellent characters and colors. I love how he uses pastel light tones but you can also see intensive, neon colors with scratchy/retro patina. Beside his freelance work, he also works in video games industry and he teaches 2D art for mobile games in Madrid. 

Kaan Bagci is Turksih illustrator and designer and I've recently found him. He uses different kind of techniques, patterns, styles and he makes wonderful unity. He draw lovable characters with very nice colors, both intensive or non-intensive.

Sretan Bor  is fantastic artist and I follow his work for quite some time. He is known for his wonderful murals and interesting characters. He uses different techniques and I love his stylization and how he combines massive characters with other details. 

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