Friday, February 1, 2013

Illustration inspiration

Matthieu Bessudo, better known as Mcbees is definitely one of my favorite illustrators. He is French illustrator but at the moment he's living in London. He's deeply inspired with old cartoons and music (amps, guitars etc.) and I enjoy very much his surrealistic world. He often put himself in a center of his imaginary world. I love his clever way of character stylization and how he makes that black and white drawings look like there's 100 of colors. You should also listen to his band Dead Pirates  Go Mcbess, go !

Amelie Fontaine is also a French illustrator whom I found recently and totally fell in love with. I love her sense of humor and how she draws her characters. You can find her work in many publications and you should definitely pay attention to her beautiful landscapes.
Lauren Nassef is a freelance illustrator living in Chicago. I love her simplicity and how she menages to except the background and all other accessories, leaving only her main characters keeping a clear, strong story. Her drawings remind me a bit of David Hockney's, but still, she has her on poetics.

Matthew Woodson is a Chicago based illustrator and he's known for his spooky/horror atmosphere, semi-realistic characters and wonderful colors. He is definitely one of my role models when it comes to digital painting. I love how he chooses different and tempting themes every time, such as a fight in the kitchen, spying on guards, eating honey with angry bees on your hands, etc. I specially like his colors, I am definitely a sucker for all those gray-pink tones combined with dark green or blue. 

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