Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello there! We are Tijana and Barbara and we are owners of a new small design studio named Krishka. You can find out more about us on ABOUT page. You should also chek out BIGZ building page where you can find out little bit more about building where our studio is. We are very in love with the architecture of the building and that's why we also want, from time to time, to promote the building.We are situated in Belgrade, Serbia. 

As you can see, we have two different logos, one of them is created on Serbian Cyrillic font and the other one is Latin. We wanted to have both versions, since we want to work with domestic and foreign clients. 
Here is a Cyrillic version, which is also our blog header

Here are some bits of our space where we work. It's small, but cozy and it's just perfect for two of us. When we first came down to see the place, if was disaster, filthy, with no floors and windows and walls needed painting. We still have a lot of work to do, but we managed to fix the place enough so we can work there and we are pleased for now. It's very important that space is bright and neighbors are quite nice (wow, this rhymes :).

Since it's summer, we are not working full time and we are planning some summer trips, but we will post some of the work we've already done so you will get the picture of what we do exactly. At the beginning of September we will lunch our shop and we will be fully prepared for new challenges. 
We hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day,
Tijana and Barbara

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