Saturday, March 23, 2013

Illustration inspiration

Simple illustrations with specific beautiful energy is one of the trade marks of Bea Crespo. Beautiful colors and situations, great details and style. Specially love her ski edition. Tijana and I are ski freaks, so we definitely can relate. Visit her web site guys, here

Gal Shkedi is fantastic illustrator and video maker with his great characters, lovely and funny scenes, great colors and atmosphere. He is professor  at Shenkar college, teaching animation. It would be so great to visit his lectures.

Heliana is an artist who experiments a lot and I just love everything that comes from her kitchen. She draws interesting characters with beautiful colors. You can always find different inspiring details in her work and that's what I like most about her.

Peter became famous with his children illustration art. He really knows how to make beautiful scenes with  lovely characters and perfectly organized stories. I love his details and colors. Oh, wow, his colors are so inspiring.

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