Saturday, March 2, 2013

Late Friday: Illustration inspiration

Camilla Engman is Goteborg based artist. I follow her work for several years and I'm completely crazy of her art. She has wonderful characters, uses perfect colors and shapes. I also love her blog, where she shows her daily routine, stuff she found etc. She used to have a dog call Morran, and she was always drawing, photographing her. Unfortunately, she passed away and Camilla made a book dedicated to her, called Morran book project where artist all over the world draw her dog. Among others, there's also mine  illustration there.

Sandra Juto is also one of my favorite artists and designers. She lives in Berlin and runs very beautiful and interesting blog. Her illustrations are little stories of beautifully, simple designed, characters or some home stuff, like kitchen elements or stuff like that. She often uses collage technique and she knit very beautiful wrist worms.

Madalina Andronic is illustrator from Romania and her illustrations are fulfilled with tiny details, interesting characters who often reminds me of old Russian fairy tales. There's also a lot of intensive colors. Recently she had published a project "Awesome project" that contains several different hand painted ceramics, which are just perfect.

Dilka Bear is artist from Italy and I have discovered her few days ago and I liked it very much. She is known for her beautiful dreamy girls, with excellent costumes and nicely done backgrounds. There's also a present of animals which gives more beautiful atmosphere to the paintings.