Saturday, March 16, 2013

Illustration inspiration

Jonathan is illustrator from Italy. His minimalistic, clean illustrations are very charming and inspiring. He uses clean forms, uncomplicated colors and he also create patterns which are applicable, I think, almost everywhere.

Merve is a lady from Istanbul and I've recently found her beautiful work which bought me immediately. She uses nice pastel tones, perfectly matched with other darker colors. She creates beautiful and delicate portraits and scenes. Her work contains a little bit of dark and morbid elements but just enough to give perfect atmosphere to whole composition.

Toumas is Finnish illustrator known for his lovely illustrations inspired by cartoons, old comic books etc. He draws very interesting, nicely stylized characters with nicely chosen colors. I specially love his textures, patinas and all those small elements that you can hardly see in background but they certainly make whole piece better and complete.

Maria Corte is Barcelona based artist. She uses geometric shapes, carefully chosen colors and she breaks all conventional ways of representing human body. Her illustrations looks so neat, every detail seems like it's set perfectly on its place. She also uses nice textures.

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