Monday, March 4, 2013

Interior inspiration: plants

Architecture and plants: This is the work of Suppose Design Studio. I love how they manage to make the green's a part of the architecture it self! They bring the garden inside, but in a way that doesn't seem messy and overcrowded, and that's what sets it apart.

Clock wise from top left: 1.home no.1 2. home no.2 3. store

Interior and plants: Plants brings joy, happiness, color, and complitness to an interior.

Plants and their pots: It makes a whole lot of a difference what a pot looks like for a complete impression! I actually think that matching a plant and a pot is an art of its own. The examples above are more whimsical solutions I found, but it just goes to prove my point.They look great.

Clock wise from top left: 1.flip it 2.concrete pot tones pot 5.plastic 6. cork

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