Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday interview presents: Tifani Rubi

Have you always wanted to become an artist?
I always wanted to create nice things. When I grew up they told me these kind of people are called artists. It was really simple for me because I've never tried to become anything in particular, artist, lawyer or whatever- my only wish was to do whatever I wanted! I was lucky enough about that, but I can't say that some formal education didn't help me accomplish that.

What do you prefer better, "Paper" or "wall/street art" painting/drawing?
I prefer walls because it is much more challenging to cover a huge space with images you can hardly redo after. Paper is easy to toss away but when I'm outside I never think about making mistakes and just draw.

Which project has given you the most satisfaction?
Each and every one of them! I had the luck to collaborate with fantastic, talented and friendly folks trough all this time. There is nothing better then traveling, meeting new people and doing what you love. I try to make it as often as possible.

What types of books are on your bedside table?
I have a lot of books, zines and independent comics everywhere around the house. At the moment I'm into planting vegetables so this subject is usually my bed time literature:)

What is the best moment of the day?
Sunny mornings definitely! Nothing better then to be woken up by rays of sunlight, just a cup of coffee and I'm up for anything.

Who is your design hero at the moment?
Hmm, I never really had one, I guess my close friends with who I usually draw. Also there is an artist DEM whose work I check regularly.
Cat or dog?

What would be your dream project?
I guess anything that has to do with long distance traveling!

Where could we find you on Friday night?
Outside, drinking beer with friends, simple as that.

If you could do any other job what would you choose and why?
I would choose not to work! Right now I have a feeling that I'm not working at all, but that's only because I would do what I do anyway, paid or not.

Pepsi or Coke
Argh, let me skip this question because I want to be polite.

 If you were a character from Star Wars, which one would you be?
when I was in high school my character was Jabba the Hut! My friends picked it for me but what I really wanted to be is an Ewok :(

How would you define your personal work-life balance in terms of ratio (50/50, 70/30 etc)?
Let's say 50/50 but sometimes 100/0 if a deadline is coming!

What brings you joy
wow, a lot of things..I am an idealistic person!

Thank you for your time :)  Tifani Rubi's blog

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