Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday: Illustration inspiration

Oscar Ramos or Pensa Positivno (think positive) how he likes to call him self  is one crazy fellow. When I say crazy I mean man with wondeful illustrations. "Escher on steroids", I read somewhere. He is specialized in character design and photo manipulation.

Sarah Goodreau is one lovely lady with fantastic illustrations. I love her colors and characters and how everything looks like one ongoing story. She lives in Amsterdam and she likes to have conversation with the moon, bike rides and whiskey sunsets.
Varja Kolesnikova is lady from Petersburg and you can surely feel those old Russian illustration vibe, but of course made in modern way. As a kid I loved Russian TV fairy tales so I immediately fell on Varja's dreamy and beautiful illustration. 

Sebastien Feraut aka Niark1 is illustrator from Paris and he caught my eye with his wonderful splashy moves and colors. He has fantastic series of monsters with excellent stylization and back-side characters and forms.

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