Monday, February 18, 2013

Interior Inspiration: small spaces

House Remodel by JHID

This house has such an interesting story, apart from it's great interior.Built in the early 1940s,the home floated down the river to Sauvie Island when the village flooded eight years after its inception. I love places with history, be it a great piece of furniture or the house it self!The master bedroom, is a great solution, and so nicely executed, they opened the ceiling in the main living space to open a whole new world up there. I'm a great admirer of all the salvaged furniture!

This cosy house is my choice for a good example of a scandinavian look: white walls, natural wood  and simple furniture, and lot's and lot's of light!The details in this interior are just perfect, obviously christmasy, but never the less apparently thought was put into them. The fireplace, rustic floor and chairs give the space that "vintage" feeling.

This is the ultimate small space concept!How to embrace all of the space with maximum functionality. This project is using two rotatable dividers to make four area out of one open-plan space. This way the apartment moves according to the needs of the people living there! The interior keeps its specie look, with lot's of light in every corner,and still has all the elements an apartment needs!

The house  dates back to the seventeenth century. The building was a barn and storage area for the farmers and the animals. On the inside the intention is to give people the perception of a bigger space when in reality it's 30 m3 on each floor.The tall ceilings in the living room increase the ,desperately needed, impression of the spaces. Exposed concrete floors separate the four stories accompanied with white walls, and windows with a black outline. (for more)


  1. Small spaces are one of my favorite topics - mostly because I live very small, I mean really small. Even the examples here in your post are really BIG compared to my 32 m2 apartment:-) But I love the fact that small spaces challenge our interior design & styling ideas!

  2. Love these small houses so much - especially the domination of white walls and elemets at all houses and the history of and interior in no. 1 is so amazing! * julia

  3. I agree! thanks for the comments...